Sick Bastards - New MadMax Inspired 3D Visualization (for Humster 3D)

3D Visualization of Cars

This is not our main focus in Rstyle 3D but we love cars and we love to tell stories with our images, so we couldn't pass this time on the new Humster 3D Competition "Car Render Challenge 2015".  So decided to try it! And here is what we got.

Atmosphere & Story

To make a good model of the Car is one thing. Model by itself doesn't tell a story. Put the "Sick Bastards" car in the clean streets of New York and it will fade. 

In RStyle 3D we are always focused on making a Picture with a soul and a story behind it. Thus we modeled the entire "Lost in Nevada Desert Scene" to support the main character —  the "Sick Bastards" car.   

Making of

Hot Road, hot road and Mad Max all the way! Totally inspired by the Desert Spirit and the Wild West Wind! 

early prototype

early prototype

Check out the details

Zoom in the picture to check our favorite part. Names of the people who made this work are hidden all over the place. Here are some examples:

RStyle logo on the Skull

Humster 3D name on the wheels

Looking forward

The Humster 3D "Car Render Competition" starts in 7 days. We expect the results to be announced by the end of this year. 
Let's see!