Ancient Rome - First Place: Humster 3D Competition

Rstyle 3D team achieves First Place at the Humster 3D Awards: Ancient Rome

Rstyle is first of all a team of the talented artists and individuals that is constantly engaged in the International artistic competitions.  

This year we were announced as the winners of the Humster 3D "Ancient Rome" competition. The competition was tough with many excellent final images, but we made it! Our original render featured a fusion of ancient Rome with modern day elements. It truly turned out as a magical, almost nostalgic work.  

The entire Scene is a 3D model made with 3Ds Max and Zbrush.

The image was named Restoration. It comprised of ancient Roman Thermae (baths) during the process of a modern day restoration, which included building machinery, scaffolding, and workers.

The Research Phase

The long process began with extensive research. Initial research was focused on the great Italian master painters of the 15-16th and 17th centuries.  In particular, many hours were spent studying composition, the use of lighting, and the color pallets of the great masters.

Inspiration 1 for Ancient Rome image Humster 3D Competition

All of these elements were incorporated into the final, winning image. The next phase comprised the study of ancient Roman architecture. The goal being to understand the materials the Romans used and exploring the creation process of textures for a final, realistic render.

Inspiration 2 for Ancient Rome image Humster 3D Competition

The Creation Phase

The image was made using the classical 3D Visualization tools:

  • 3DS Max
  • Corona Render
  • And Zbrush for sculpting the different elements of the scene

Rstyle 3D - Architectural Visualization Ancient Rome 

The Roman Thermae was modeled accurately and depicts the style of Roman building methods of the day. The materials used also accurately represent those used by the ancient Romans. This attention to detail was possible due to the large amount of historical research that was undertaken.

Much of the creation time was spent setting up the realistic and beautiful lighting. A wonderfully modeled and textured image can look boring and uninteresting without good lighting. RStyle understands the importance of lightning as demonstrated in their final image.

Ancient Rome - Foreground detail 1 - Rstyle 3D for Humster 3D

Ancient Rome - Foreground detail 2 - Rstyle 3D for Humster 3D

The final objective is the creation of a rendered image that includes a mix of ancient and modern, stunning realism mixed with beautiful stylistic elements of the Italian Masters. The objective was achieved.

Moving forward

Currently we have already submitted one more work for the new Humster 3D "Car Render" competition and preparing to submit more. All of the works will appear on this Blog soon. 

Our next goal is to experiment with the look of the retro photographs of San Francisco and New York. But that would rather be a Christmas present. 

Humster 3D Competion Results