VR for High End and Commercial Real Estate:
Changing the way Real Estate is sold today! 

What's wrong with the market today?

Today in order to sell or lease the High End property that is in the pre-construction or construction phase you have to operate to the buyer's imagination. 

Sure you have tools like:

  • Architectural drawings
  • 3D renderings
  • Architectural Animations
  • "Virtual Tours" (that aren't still virtual as you only walk around the property in Google Maps style)
  • AR presentations 

But still, what will the project look like in reality you can only see in your head.
And even with the most accurate visualization possible you, as a seller, won't be transmitting the idea at it's full 100% potential. 

This is 360 times better than 360 photo tours. 

This is 360 times better than 360 photo tours. 

How can we fix the problem? 

Now imagine walking into a conference room and stepping right into this High Rise. All of the proportions and dimensions are accurate. You can visit all of the floors, take a walk into the hallways and apartments, visit the retails, make changes as you go...

Isn't it the most authentic way to Experience the Property?
Isn't it how it's suppose to be since the dawn of times?  

Walk into the 3d rendering

Walk into the 3d rendering

Who needs a VR Real Estate Experience now? 

The Vive VR technology is great for bringing the 3D renderings of Unbuilt and Pre-Construction properties to life. 
Sales Departments of High Rises and Business Centers will definitively blow the minds of their clients away with such presentations.  

Why not Samsung Gear VR?

Samsung Gear VR is a great mobile solution that lets you jump between the panoramas in the given interior. 
But you can't really interact with it and choose the perspective yet. While Vive gives you a Room Scale VR experience. You really feel the presence in the space. It is not a panoramic picture anymore. 

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